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The Password is Dead.

Authenticating to remote services with only a password is a thing of the past. Modern attack techniques make theft and reuse of passwords simple, yet we continue to use them to secure pretty much everything. In this post, we will review the various risks associated with password authentication and discuss what can be done to improve our security posture.

“But I Reset the Password” – Remediating an Enterprise After a Targeted Attack

Determined human adversaries, or DHA for short, have changed the information security game for everyone.  Many customers take actions in attempt to evict an emplaced attacker – actions that result in alerting the attacker to the organization’s knowledge of their presence, but don’t truly evict the attacker from the network.  In this blog, we will

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Cyber Warfare and the New Cold War

The Cold War was a unique period in history; a period of high political tension lasting for almost 45 years whereby the world was divided into distinct categories of extremely capable countries. The term “Cold War” was coined by George Orwell in an article entitled “You and the Atomic Bomb” published in the Tribune on

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